The religious importance of this Festival:

Sindhu-Darshan- Festival has a lot of importance in Hinduism. Devotees from the different corners of the country as well as outside carry water in a pot (kamandal) from their respective states to gush it into the River- Sindhu every year. A horde of people throng together at a particular place on the banks of the River- Indus on the very first day of this festivity. They perform various rituals along with their distinctive prayers by chief priests and saint/pundits for granting reverence to River-Indus following by a traditional bonfire in the night on the River- Indus bank. They also take a holy dip in the River to wash away their sins and wrongdoings.

With a magnificent touch of multi-colored regional themes and rich beliefs of Ladakh, a splendid cultural program is flaunted for the holiday-makers on the second day of the sacred ceremony. Trippers involve themselves in numerous sightseeing tours and plan a marvellous religious trip (For customized Trips and Tours, Click on the link: Cultural Events) to nearby places at Leh & Ladak, J&K as well.

The third day of the festivity is the most significant day to commemorate River-Sindhu and the roads close to the river become extremely crowded with the zealot around because of imposing majestic celebration. Enthusiasts pay homage to River and promote cultural values and tourism in the region. To be a part of this grand commemoration, admirers come a long way for this Sindhu Darshan Festival and relish this annual divine observance with great enthusiasm.

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