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Mythology of Rohini Vart

Indian scriptures hold a lot about Rohini fast and its vrat katha rituals. Rohini vrat is a one of a kind fasting festival observed by Jain community almost every second month.  The fasting rituals of Rohini vrat carries a definite set of customs and has been given a foremost place among Jain people. Rohini vrat is also considered as one of the famous fasting festivals in that community which can even be completed with a simple vow. This religious fast is associated with Goddess Rohini and on this day she has been worshiped with great devotion. This fast occurs at least six to seven times in a year, and sometimes it happens once or twice a month. In the month of December, it will be observed on Monday, 28 December 2020. 

Lord Vasupujya is also worshiped in this fasting occasion. Goddess Rohni has also been given a place in 27 constellations and is spotted after sunrise. It is also believed that the day when this constellation falls or occurs is considered way auspicious for starting some new venture. The person who keeps a fast on this day is blessed with materialistic pleasures and sustains a healthy and wealthy lifestyle. This fast also removes poverty and shuns away miserable life. As per another mythological tale, married women also keep this fast for their husband’s long lives. It is recommended to observe this fast with proper customs and should only be completed only after offering Udyapana. 

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