Saga Dawa Duchen: A Holy Month To Esteem Lord-Buddha’s Life.

One of the prominent celebrations observed in Tibet is Saga Dawa Festival. In Tibetan, Dawa means month and Saga refers to the ‘Tibetan name of a Star’. It is collectively commemorated as the sacred observance when Buddha took the enlightenment, birth and Parinirvasna (death). Considered as the tri-sects of his life, Buddha was born, attained enlightenment and death of his mortal body on the same day. It is solemnized on every 15th of 4th lunar month and the 4th lunar month is popular as- Saga Dawa.

Remarked as a holy month and devoted to the achievements of life of Buddha, these festive ceremonies vary from monastery to monastery and are celebrated with immense fervour and show all across the corners. Being the most religious festival in Tibet, the traditional jollifications can be seen at the Mount Kailasha across the Tibet Plateau.

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