Sandhya Arghya

The 3rd day of Chhath puja - Sandhya Arghya basically observes the worship of the Sun in the morning when it rises. It is also known as Bihaniya (Morning Arghya). In the year 2020, it falls on Friday, 20 November. Here are some important rituals of this auspicious day;

Sandhya Arghya Ritual

- In the early morning, devotees along with their family and friends offer Bihaniya Aragh at the ghat of riverbank of Ganga or any other holy water body.
- This is the last or you can say the final day of this auspicious festival.
- The devotees gather at the bank of the river with their family and friends to offer bhorwa arghya to the rising Sun.
- Devotees also worship Chatti Maiyya, distribute thekua and then return home.
- The people who were fasting break the fast by taking the blessings of the elders and then eating ginger with water.
- The other Prasad prepared are then consumed by them.
- This is the most important part of the ritual. During the festival, the female folks spend their night by singing traditional Chhath songs.

There is also a tradition of “Dandwat Pranam” during Chhath Puja. People who have wished or wish to succeed in something, take an oath to go to the Chhath Ghat by lying and saluting on the ground in simple cloth. With the help of a “Kanda” a type of stick easily found in the locality or in fields, the devotee draws a round line by lying on the ground with the help of the stomach and stretching both hands in “Pranaam Mudra”. After arriving on the Ghat after “Dand” the devotee takes a bath in the holy river and worships Chatti Maiyya.

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