Sao Joao Festival 2019: An Exciting Aqua Fiesta in Goa

Goa’s ‘Sao Joao’ Festival– A Tradition to Jump into Wells and Lakes.

An Annual Christian Water-Fest commenced by one of the noteworthy Baptists- St. John who was a firebrand prophet on 24th June. This illustrious Feast is prestigious Goa-Carnival celebrated amongst the local residents on every 24th June in Goa.  Stereotyped Exciting Aqua Fiesta in Goa is observed just before 6 months of the Jesus Birth Anniversary. A traditional custom of jumping into a well and a lake is performed at all corners of Goa that has its roots in Portugal.

You might be wondering about the jumping tradition into a well with an exultant shout of “Sao Joao”. It’s mesmerizing, trust me!! The other lively and high- spirited dances, Goan do are out of the boxes and worth-seeing.

The dazzling celebration at North- Goa:

Siolim and Anjuna are the celebrated Villages at North-Goa where people honour this festivity in a peculiar pattern and with an immense gusto. It’s advised to explore North Goa during Sao-Jao Fiesta for its unique cultural festival in Siolim. Fest enthusiasts carry out a significant carcade (procession) that heads towards the lake bang opposite St. Anthony’s Church.

They conduct various theatre shows and stand up- comedy jamborees to entertain umpteen visitors with their mimicry-sessions. Legend has it- The grand splendour of Sao-Jao is observed in Siolim, North Goa around 3 pm at an exalted scale.

A Walk to Remember Towards Fernandes Wado (Church):

For outsiders, Sao Joao festival at Goa is not a one-place celebration, it covers the foremost beatific vicinity, such as: Siolim, Fernandes Wado and Anjuna all together. Do not forget to head towards the most- happening place in Goa, that is- Fernandes Wado just 5 minutes away from famous Siolim Church for the post-party jollification. The same crowd might be following you as well in Fernandes’s Church whom you have already met in Siolim and Anjuna. This astonishing after party celebrations is esteemed late night with incredible ambience, exciting-live- music along with delicious cuisines.

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