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Sita Navami 2022: Date, Puja Vidhi, Story & Significance

Sita Navami 2022 Date: Tuesday, 10 May
Tithi: Vaishakh Shukla Paksha Navami
Ram Navami 2022 Date: Sunday, 10 April

Sita Navami is an important Hindu festival that celebrates the birthday of Goddess Sita. It is also known as ‘Sita Jayanti’ or ‘Janaki Navami’. She was married to Lord Rama in a ‘Swayamvar’ that was organized by king Janaka in his kingdom of Mithila. This is observed on the Shukla Paksha (the waxing phase of the moon) Navami (9th day) tithi in the lunar month of Vaishaka as per the Hindu calendar.

Women all over India pray to Sita Devi on this auspicious day to be blessed with her virtues of purity, dedication, and sincerity. They seek the blessings of Goddess Sita to remain a ‘Sumangali’ that is, to die before their husbands do.

Puja Vidhi & Rituals

On Sita Navami, A small puja mandap is set and decorated with colorful flowers. The idols of Lord Rama, Sita Devi along with Lakshmana, King Janaka, and Mata Sunayana are placed. Earth is also worshipped on this day since Goddess Sita was found by King Janaka while plowing earth. Various offerings in the form of til (sesame seeds), rice, barley, and fruits are offered by the devotees. Special ‘Bhog’ or food is prepared for the occasion that is distributed as Prasad after completion of Aarti during this day. Women observe a strict fast during the day called the Sita Navami ‘Vrat’ wherein not a single grain of food is taken until the completion of puja rituals. It is believed that performing the Sita Navami Vrat brings virtues to women like modesty, motherhood, sacrifice, and dedication to their husbands. This Vrat is also kept by married women for their husband’s long life.

On this auspicious day, special rituals and prayers are held in Lord Rama and Janaki temples all across the country. Rituals like Maha Abhishekam and Aarti are performed in all these temples. Recitals of Ramayana, followed by bhajan and kirtans are also held at various temples. Some take out processions with garlanded idols of their deity on a chariot while chanting ‘Jai Siya Ram’ and singing devotional songs all the way.

The story behind the celebration

Sita Navami

It is believed that Sita Devi was born during the Pushya Nakshatra. As per the legends, Lord Rama was also born on the same tithi in the Chaitra month of the Hindu calendar which comes a month before Sita Navami. It is said that King Janaka got Sita when he was plowing his land to perform a Yajna. He found a baby girl in the field and adopted her. A plowed land is hence referred to as “Sita” and Sita Devi is fondly known as “Janaki”- daughter of King Janak. Married Hindu women devotedly worship Goddess Sita on this day for the long life and success of their husbands. Sita Navami is celebrated with immense fervor and gaiety all over India.

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Sita Navami holds huge religious significance for Hindu devotees. It is believed that Devi Sita is an avatar of Goddess Lakshmi. Sita Devi is recognized for her patience and dedication towards her husband, Sri Rama and therefore, married women devotedly worship Goddess Sita on this day for the long life and success of their husbands. Sita Navami is celebrated with immense fervor and joy all over India.


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