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Som Pradosh vrat 2022 Dates, Vrat Katha and Vidhi

Som Pradosh Vrat
Pradosh vrat is observed during the pradosh period on Trayodashi tithi of both lunar fortnights. If Pradosh vrat falls on Monday, then it is called Som Pradosh Vrat.
Also calledSom Pradosham
DeityLord Shiva
Dates14 February 2022
28 February 2022
11 July 2022
25 July 2022
21 November 2022
5 December 2022
ObservancesPuja, Fasting, Night-awakening, donations, and prayers
BenefitsFulfill all wishes and brings peace

If Pradosha fast falls on Monday, then it is called Som Pradosh Vrat. It is also known as Som Pradosham. Monday Pradosh vrat is very important among all other Pradoham. By observing this auspicious vrat, all wishes are fulfilled. The story of Som Pradosh Vrat is as follows.

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Som Pradosh Vrat Katha

Som Pradosh Vrat

Once upon a time, a Brahmini lived in a city. Her husband had died. She had no shelter, so she used to go out begging her son as soon as she got up. She raised her own and her son's begging by begging. One day the Brahmin was returning home, and on the way he found a boy moaning in an injured state. The Brahmin mercifully brought her to his home. The boy was the prince of Vidarbha. Enemy soldiers invaded his kingdom and imprisoned his father and took control of the kingdom, so he was revolting. The prince stayed in a Brahmin's house with her son. One day when a Gandharva girl named Anshumati saw the prince, she was fascinated by him. The next day Anshumati brought her parents to meet Rajkumar. She was also liked by Rajkumar. A few days later, Lord Shiva ordered in the dream of Anshumati's parents that the prince and Anshumati be married. They did the same. Brahmini used to do Pradosh Vrat. With the effect of her fast and with the help of Gandharvaraja's army, the prince drove out the enemies from Vidarbha and regained the father's kingdom. The prince made Brahmini's son his king. Just as the days of prince and Brahmin-son turned from the grandeur of Pradosh Vrat of Brahmani, similarly Shankar Bhagwan turns around the days of all his devotees. Therefore, all devotees observing Som Pradosh vrat must read or hear this story.

Benefits: Som Pradosh Vrat helps to fulfill all wishes and bring peace into the house. 

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