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Spread of Buddhism in Kosala

Unfurl of the Buddhism in a place called- KOSALA. The foundation of the Buddhist Community was framed in Maghada however the comprehensive evolution seized in ‘Kosala’. Buddha lived for 21 years in Kosala and preached his umpteen sermons from the Jatavana vihara in Kosala. In Kosala, most of the population were Brahmins and thus Brahmanism has a strong foothold in this country. Buddha laboured very hard, almost his level best to secure position and to leave his footprints on to that place. A well off devotee of Buddha purchased the ‘Jatavana monastery’ for his stay. A king of Kosala named- Prasenjit and his Queen along with two of his sisters became staunch disciples. Buddha also visited Kapilavastu and he commenced his family members to his religious creeds. Buddha helped and thus converted a prominent courtesan ‘Ambapali’ to his faith and conviction.

At Vaisali, Gautama permitted and agreed to the formation of the order of nuns (Bhikshuni samgha). Morals and Speeches of Buddha left the Footprints in Magadha and Videha and Kosala. His teachings appear to have lesser triumph in the countries- Malla and Vatsa than in Magadha. However Gautama Buddha never inspected Avanti kingdom as according to one of the legends, he simply refused to go there.

Maha Pari Nirvana Sutta’ clearly expressed that Buddha made his last journey to Kushinara which was the capital of the Mallas. History says that the great prophet died in 487 B.C. or 486 B.C. there at age of eighty and according to the same text, meanwhile Buddha, took the last breathes at the town Kushinara after consuming a particular food offered by a Sudra. Just after devouring this food the great teacher and preacher fell sick and perished. After this sudden and disturbing incident, some scholars elucidate the particular food as pigment, while others clarified it as a particular root.


  • 02/05/2020

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  • আমি অনেক আনন্দের সাথেই আপনাদের জানাই শুভ বুদ্ধ পূর্ণিমা মৈত্রীময় শুভেচ্ছা ,,,,আশা করি এই সংস্থা থেকে আগামী বুদ্ধ পূর্ণিমার আরো ভালো ভালো বুদ্ধের ত্রি সৃতি বিজোড়িত আপডেট পাবো

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