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Surdas Jayanti 2022: Date, Celebration, Story & Significance

Surdas Jayanti 2022 Date - Friday, 06 May
(544th Birth Anniversary of Poet Surdas)
Tithi - Vaishakh Shukla Paksha Panchami

To commemorate the birth of poet Surdas, Surdas Jayanti is celebrated. He was renowned for his poems and songs praising Lord Krishna. He was born blind. He was addressed as “Bhakht Kavi Surdas” in popular reference because of his unwavering faith in Lord Krishna.

His date of birth is unknown, but it has been traced back to as early as 1479 AD or 1478 AD. According to the Hindu calendar, Surdas Jayanti falls in the month of Vaishakh during the Shukla paksha on the fifth day i.e; Panchami tithi. This year, it will be the 544th Birth Anniversary of Surdas.

It is celebrated primarily in the northern part of the nation. Lord Krishna is worshipped on this day and devotees observe a fast in honor of the poet. Several music communities come together to celebrate the day by organizing music and poetry sessions. Vrindavan holds special events on this day.


There are no clear accounts of his place of birth. It is believed by some that he was born to pandit Ramdas Saraswat in a Saraswat Brahmin family in a district called Runkata in Agra while some others believe that he was born in Sihi village in Haryana. Because of his blindness, he was never accepted by his family. He left his home one day dejected by the negligence and started to live on his own by the banks of the river Yamuna.

Surdas became the disciple of Sri Vallabhacharya after a chance meeting. Surdas was taught about Lord Krishna’s life and narrated tales of his life that included stories about Radha by Sri Vallabhacharya. Surdas, inspired by the life of Krishna crafted melodious bhajans and devotional songs in honor of the lord. Sursagar is the most recognized work of Surdas. Sursagar means the ocean of melodies.


Surdas was an ardent follower of Lord Krishna and his life is dedicated to writings and singing for his deity. His songs were mostly about different phases of Krishna’s life and on this very day, individuals pay homage to the great poet for his incredible contribution to Hindu religious music and poetry.

Surdas Jayanti is an important festival for Lord Krishna devotees. He was a devoted saint whose work revolved around the life of Lord Krishna. His songs and poems are recited by his followers to this day.

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