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Tara Jayanti Importance, Celebrations & Worship

In the entire country, Mahatara Jayanti is celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervor. Tara Jayanti is celebrated on the Navami date of Chaitra month and Shukla Paksha. Especially for those who practice Tantra Mantra, the worship of Mother Tara on Tara Jayanti is considered to be an all-encompassing one. Maa Tara is considered one of the ten Mahavidyas. In the scriptures, Goddess Tara is said to be the fiercest form of the goddess of the sun goddess Suryapralaya.

Tara Jayanti Dates

Goddess Tara Jayanti is widely known on the Ninth day of Sukla Paksha in Chaitra month. In the year 2021, Tara Jayanti falls on Wednesday, 21 April.

How to celebrate Tara Jayanti

On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, several dignitaries including the President, Prime Minister visit Rajghat in New Delhi and pay homage in front of the Gandhi statue. This day is a national holiday. Prayers are held at the tomb of Bapu in the presence of the President and the Prime Minister of India. Mahatma Gandhi's birth anniversary is celebrated in every corner of India as well as in many parts of the world. On this occasion, various types of events including rallies, poster contests, speeches, debates, plays are organized.

Worship of Mother Tara

1. Mother Tara is worshiped at night time. Therefore, you should worship Maa Tara at midnight only.

2. You should worship Maa Tara alone in a room where no one else is there other than you. Before Pooja, you take a bath and wear a white dhoti. You should not wear stitched clothes in the worship of Maa Tara.

3. After this you should sit facing you in the west direction and keep a garrison in front of you and put Gangajal on it and purify it.

4. After purifying the outpost, place a pink-colored cloth over it and place roses in a plate in front of you.

5. After this, install the Tara Yantra on it and install the four instruments of the Yantra and four heaps of rice.

6. After applying the heap of rice, place a clove on it. After this, light a lamp of ghee in front of the device.

7. Chant the mantras of Maa Tara after lighting the lamp of ghee. After reciting the mantra, listen to the story of mother Tara.

8. After this, you should perform the aarti of Maa Tara.

9. After performing the aarti of the mother Tara, the Tara Yantra should be kept in its locker or place where the money is kept.

10. After this, all the worship material should be dug deep in the ground near any flowing water or peepal tree and buried.

Legend of Mother Tara

According to the legend, Goddess Tara was born on the banks of the Cholna River in the western part of Mount Meru, according to the independent Tantra, Goddess Tara originated on the coast. Goddess Maha-Kali wore the Neel Varna to slay the monster named Hayagriva. According to Mahakal Samhita, ‘Goddess Tara’ appeared in Chaitra Shukla Ashtami Tithi, due to which this date is called Tara-Ashtami, the night of Chaitra Shukla Navami is called Tara-Raatri. First of all, listening to the facts and sentences of Vedic imagery in the Ratnadeep of heaven-world from the mouth of Goddess Kali, Shiva was very pleased with his wife. Shivji told Maa Parvati that in the initial period, the terrible Ravana was destroyed, then that form of yours became famous by the name of Tara.

Importance of Tara Jayanti

There is a rule to worship Maa Tara on the Navami date of Chaitra month and Shukla Paksha. Goddess Tara relieves all the difficulties, pitfalls, and troubles in the life of man. Mother Tara's spiritual practice is considered complete Aghori Sadhana. If a person practices Mother Tara on the day of Tara Jayanti, then along with cosmic happiness, he gets happiness, peace, and prosperity. Mother Tara fulfills all her wishes on the day of Tara Jayanti. Apart from this, worshiping Mother Tara on the day of Tara Jayanti also ends problems related to money. Mother Tara is also considered to be the Goddess who provides salvation. It is said that this festival is celebrated with great fanfare.

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