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Thaipusam festival 2022

2022 Thaipusam Festival Date: Tuesday, 18 January

Thaipusam festival is an important festival dedicated to Lord Murugan, solemnized in the Indian states of Tamil Nadu. It observes on the full moon in the Tamil month of Thai known as Poosam in Tamil or Pooyam in Malayalam. The specialty of the Thaipusam is the festivity exhibits a special kind of ritual performed by the local people of the Tamil region. People pierce their body parts to impress the godhead on this day. This occurs on the full moon day during the Tamil month of Thai, as per the Tamil calendar.

The major attraction of the festival is climbing 280 steps to the sacred- religious pilgrimage- Batu Caves. Kavadis hold a specific ritual to follow throughout the festivity and pierce their body parts through pointed sharp equipment with needles-like hooks. They roam in the streets of the temple and beat drums for the celebrations throughout while reciting mantras and shlokas. Millions of admirers follow the processions of the gods carried out on decorated chariots. The fanatics with excessive and single-minded zeal serve this extreme religious festival in their unique way. This, being one of the vibrant and lively festivals in Tamil state, is celebrated by other state residents and they especially pay visits to the temple which glorifies this much-awaited occasion.

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A mammoth dynamic celebration is witnessed the whole divine day of the Thaipusam festival. The entire Tamil locals and inhabitants get involved in the euphoria of the Burden Dance- the Kavadi Attam by carrying the big pots of milk to offer to the deities in the temple. Even they drag heavy-weighted toboggan (a long, light, narrow vehicle) with the steel rods pierced onto their body parts.

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