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The Life and Teachings of Lord Mahavira

•Mahavir well- known as- Vardhmana was a great Philosopher and an illustrious Preacher of his Time.

•Vardhmana was born and bought up in a very small family at Bihar in Vaishali town.

•He took birth during the 4th century BCE. As per the various notable Beliefs, Vardhamana was very similar to Siddartha Gautama who was a Buddhism Ascetic.

•In his early ages, Saint Mahavira also left his comfortable home just like Siddartha to find the truth of the world after being sheltered from the outside world.

•While Focusing his Efforts on Fasting, Centralization and Meditation processes, Vardhmana found Enlightenment.

•He possessed ultra- exceptional qualities and started his journey of a missionary life when he was only 17.

•For Jain People, His Philosophies and knowledge were like The Holy Bible and Sacred Quraan.

•Vardhmana turned into an ascetic and tackled to search for the Truth through Meditation.

•People reckon that Vardhmana lived his life with Peace and Repose.

•He earned an extra-ordinary Competence and Skills in various imposing Ethics and Nobility in his early ages.

•He has espoused a preacher’s life of truth and covered a period of some 60 years.

•He included umpteen followers to his Conviction and took an initiative.

•Mahavir examined and scrutinized on the fundamental Questions of Life as the years passed.

•Vardhmana focused on Afflicts of Human Life and realized the limitations of Home Life.

•Mahavir Saint abstained himself from doing any of the wrong Deed.

•This Renunciation of Worldly life by Mahavir is known in Significant Holy Scriptures.

•He was way popular for its rigorous and hard penance, as he learned the art of meditation from a famous Guru of that time.

•Mahavir laboured very hard, almost his level best to secure position and to leave his Footprints on to each and every place, he visited.

•He also involved ample people to his creed and converted many illustrious disciples to his persuasion for the betterment and then explored prolific parts of the country.

•He delineated the Truth of Life to the world at huge level and died just after achieving Moksha, or Purity of the Soul in 425 BCE.


  • Happy Mahavir Jayanti to all Jain friends. May this day bring peace, prosperity and happiness in our life. Jai Janendra.

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