Tripura Bhairavi Jayanti Festival

Tripura Bhairavi Jayanti, also known as- Mother Bhagwati Tripura Bhairavi Jayanti is celebrated with ceremonial traditions on the day of Margashrash Purnima across India. Indian Mythology holds the fact that it is commemorated to pay homage to Goddess Tripura Bhairavi who was born on this divine day. Tripura Bhairavi is said to be the Goddess of Bhav-Bandh-Mochan. It is said that by worshipping this divinity, devotees’ get free from all problems and achieve success with wisdom. It is also believed that the worship of Tripura Bhairavi in her incarnations such as- Shakti-Sadhana and Bhakti path is way fruitful. Mother Tripura Bhairavi destroys ego, ignorance and insanity of the worshippers.

Mother Bhairavi is called by many names which are as follows.

Tripura Bhairavi,

Chaitanya Bhairavi,

Siddha Bhairavi,

Bhubaneswar Bhairavi,

Sampadaprad Bhairavi,

Kamleshwari Bhairavi,

Kauleshwar Bhairavi,

Kameshwari Bhairavi,

Nithya Bhairavi,

Rudra Bhairavi,

Bhadra Bhairavi

Shatkuta Bhairavi

Tripura Bhairavi

She is one of a kind holy divinity and is praised with much gusto and fervour on this religious day. Bhagavati Tripura Bhairavi gets easily pleased with the worship, devotion, chanting and simple puja. With her happiness, the devotees receive her blessings and bliss. Tripura Bhairavi Jayanti will be solemnized on the Purnima day of Magha month. This year, it is celebrated on 22nd December. The Deity also helps admirers from untimely death, sufferings and unwanted diseases. 


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