Tulsi Vivah Vidhi

In religious texts, Goddess Tulsi ji has been called "Vishnu Priya". The use of Tulsi Dal i.e. basil leaves is considered very sacred while venerating Lord Vishnu’s especially on Ekadashi and other related festivals. Without the Tulsi leaves, the worship of Lord Vishnu is considered incomplete. Lord Vishnu and Goddess Tulsi both are seen together as husband and wife and are revered side by side in Hindu religion. According to the tradition, on the day of Kartik Shukla Ekadashi, the custom of performing marriage ceremony of these two divinities- Goddess Tulsi and Lord Vishnu's is practiced with proper set of ceremonials. In Tulsi Vivah, devotees conduct religious wedding of Tulsi plant and Vishnu idol (or Shaligram stone) followed by Vedic rituals. The auspicious day of Tulsi Vivah will be on 20 November this year.

Tulsi Vivah Vidhi:

• According to Padma Purana, it is auspicious to conduct Tulsi Vivah ion the day of Ekadashi. Performing Tulsi Vivah at home is way simple and it can even be done by following easy traditional rites.

• On the propitious day of Tulsi Vivah, one should fast on Ekadashi.

• Install idols of Goddess Tulsi Ji and Lord Vishnu in the house.

• These idols should be decorated with yellow cloth as yellow is Lord Vishnu’s favourite colour.

• Decorate tulsi plant as a bride and make a pavilion (mandap) with a sugarcane sticks around it.

• Adorn Goddess Tulsi’s plant with a red coloured chunari or lanyard.

• After this the rituals of Tulsi vivah should be followed in the same way as wedding customs are done.

• If desired, Tulsi Vivah can be done duly by the help of either Pandit or Brahmin, otherwise can be done even with mantra (ohm tulsayyah namah).

• On the day of Dwadashi, worship Goddess Tulsi and Vishnu God by keeping a day long fast.

• After taking the meal, it is auspicious to eat basil leaves that are found around the basil plant.

By consuming sweetmeats made of these fruits; sugarcane, amla and berry, a person gets rid of all the sins and wrongdoings.

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