Fourth Day of Chhath Puja: Usha Arghya

Usha Arghya (morning offerings) or Bhorwa Ghat: The offering given to the Sun God in the morning is called Bihaniya Arghya or morning offering. The vrattis and the family members again gather at the bank of the river early in the morning and sit until the sun rises. They sing and worship Chhati Maiya. When the sun rises, the morning arghya is offered by going into the water with arghyas kept in sauri or supali. After morning offerings, the vratti distribute Prasad among each other and take blessings from elders on the ghat. After that, they come back to home. After returning from the ghat, vrattis break their 36-hour long fast by taking ginger and water. After that delicious food is prepared and offered to the vratti to eat. This is called Paran or Parna. As they fast for a very long period, they usually take light food on that day. This way the four-day long Chhath Puja is concluded.

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