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Utpanna Ekadashi Date, Puja Vidhi & Story

Utpanna Ekadashi is also known as Utpanna Ekadashi on the eleventh day in the month of Margashirsha during Krishna Paksha. This is the first Ekadashi that comes after Kartik Purnima. This day is celebrated in the honor of Goddess Ekadashi, one of the powers of Lord Vishnu. Which was part of Lord Vishnu and was born from him to kill the demon Mur. When he tried to attack and kill Lord Vishnu while sleeping. This day is remembered as the origin of Maa Ekadashi and the destruction of the Moors.

It is said that in many parts of northern India, Utpanna Ekadashi is celebrated in the month of 'Margashirsha'. This festival is celebrated in the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat, and Andhra Pradesh in the month of Kartik.

According to Hindu beliefs and mythology, it is believed that all the past and present sins of the devotees are washed away by observing the fast on the Utpanna Ekadashi tithi. This year, Utpanna Ekadashi is falling on Tuesday, 30 November 2021.

Utpanna Ekadashi Vrat Vidhi

- For this Utpanna Ekadashi, first of all, take incense, lamp, naivedya, etc.

- Worship with sixteen ingredients and lamps should be donated at night.

- On this day one should stay awake all night and do bhajan-kirtan of God.

- Along with this, forgiveness should also be sought from Shri Hari Vishnu for the mistake or sin done inadvertently.

- On the second day of Utpanna Ekadashi, after taking bath in the morning, worship Lord Krishna and feed the Brahmin.

- According to Padma Purana, it is believed that on this day there is a law to worship Goddess Ekadashi along with Lord Vishnu.

- According to this, the Dashami of Margashirsha Krishna Paksha should be daunted well after the meal so that not a single piece of food remains in the mouth.

- After this, on the second day i.e. on the day of Utpanna Ekadashi, one should wake up in Brahma Muhurta and take a bath after taking a vow of fasting.

- After this, worship of Lord Shri Krishna should be done by law.

Story Of Utpanna Ekadashi

Lord Shri Krishna himself narrated the story of Ekadashi Mata's birth and fast to Yudhishthira. Krishna told that in the time of Satyuga there lived a powerful demon named the Mur. He conquered heaven by his might. After this, Ind Dev, Vayu Dev, and Agni Dev could not stand before his might, so all of them had to go to the land of death to life. Frustrated, Devraj Indra went to Mount Kailash and told his grief to Lord Shiva. Hearing Indra's prayer, Lord Shiva asks him to go to Lord Vishnu. After this, all the gods reach Kshirsagar, where all the gods pray to Lord Vishnu to protect them from the demon Mur. Lord Vishnu gives assurance to all the deities. After this, all the gods go to his city to fight with the demon Mur. For many years there was a war between Lord Vishnu and the demon Mur. During the war, Lord Vishnu starts falling asleep and he goes to sleep in a cave to take a rest. Seeing Lord Vishnu sleeping, the demon Mur attacks him. But during this time a girl child is born from the body of Lord Vishnu. After this, there is a war between the Mur and that girl. In this battle, Mur gets injured and faints and Devi Ekadashi beheads him from the body. After this, when Lord Vishnu wakes up, he comes to know how that girl has protected Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu grants him a boon that all the sins of the one who worships you will be destroyed and he will attain salvation.

Importance of Utpanna Ekadashi

It is believed that Goddess Ekadashi is a Shakti form of Sri Hari, hence Lord Vishnu is worshiped on this day. It is said that on this day Lord Vishnu was born and killed the demon Mur. Hence this Ekadashi is known as Utpanna Ekadashi. It is said that by observing this fast, the sins of the previous births of human beings are also destroyed. Also, this fast is done for the attainment of children and salvation.

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