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Vamana Dwadashi 2021 Date, Importance, Katha & Worship

Vamana Jayanti is celebrated to commemorate the incarnation day of Lord Vishnu as Vamana. Vamana Jayanti is celebrated on the Dwadashi date of Bhadrapad Shukla Paksha. According to the Bhagavata Purana, Vamana was the fifth incarnation of Lord Vishnu out of the Dashavatara and the first incarnation in the Treta Yuga. The first four avatars of Lord Vishnu were in animal form, which was Matsya avatar, Kurma avatar, Varaha avatar, and Narasimha avatar respectively. After this Vamana was the first incarnation in human form. Vamana Dev was born as the son of Rishi Mata Aditi and Kashyapa on the Shukla Paksha Dwadashi of the month of Bhadrapad in Abhijit Muhurta when Shravan Nakshatra was in vogue. What happens is called

Vamana Dwadashi date

Vaman Jayanti on Friday, September 17, 2021

Dwadashi start date - September 17, 2021, at 08:07 AM

Dwadashi date ends - September 18, 2021, at 06:54 AM

Shravan Nakshatra starts - September 17, 2021, at 04:09 A.M.

Shravan Nakshatra ends - September 18, 2021, at 03:36 AM

Vamana Dwadashi Katha

Lord Vishnu incarnated Vamana to restore Indra Dev's authority over the heavenly world. King Bali, the supreme devotee and very powerful monster of Lord Vishnu, defeated Indra Dev and established his suzerainty over heaven. Despite being an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu and the Danavir king, Bali was a cruel and arrogant demon. Bali used to abuse his power to intimidate and threaten the gods and Brahmins. The extremely mighty and invincible sacrifice had become the master of heaven, land, and hell.

After losing his authority from heaven, Indra Dev along with other gods approached Lord Vishnu and pleaded for help, stating his suffering. Lord Vishnu assured Indra Dev that he would be born as a Vamana avatar from the womb of Mata Aditi to get the three worlds liberated from the atrocities of sacrifice.

How to worship

1. General worship: Worship the idol or picture of Lord Vamana on this day. If there is an idol, then anoint it with cow's milk in a conch-shaped southeast. If there is a picture, then do normal worship. After worshiping Lord Vamana on this day, listen to the story and perform aarti afterward. Finally, donate rice, curd, and sugar candy and offer food to a poor or a Brahmin.

2. Pooja performed by a pandit: If he is getting puja done by a pandit, he will perform puja only by law. In this case, fast is observed on this day. Near the idol, 52 pedas and 52 Dakshina are worshiped. Vamana completes the fast of Dwadashi after offering sugar, curd, rice, sorbet, and Dakshina pandit to the devotees by offering Lord Vamana. In fasting, the Pandit should give 1 Mala, 2 Gau Mukhi Mandal, Umbrella, Asan, Geeta, Lathi, Fruit, Khadoon, and Dakshina.

Importance of Vamana Dwadashi

Ekadashi is very important in Hindu beliefs because each Ekadashi is associated with a particular fast. On this day, people observe fast according to the method and worship the deity associated with the fast. In every Ekadashi, a special result of worshiping a particular god is also obtained. It is believed that if the method of fasting and worship is told, do it in exactly the same way, then God is definitely pleased. That is why people keep fasting for Ekadashi, some people keep fast for all 24 Ekadashi. But some people keep a special Ekadashi fast according to their wishes.

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