What makes the carnival Special

Goa celebrates almost all the festivities with a great fun and dedication. All these seasonal occasions come up with outright distinct customs and have a carnival like feel. Goans are way chirpy, and always in a mood to party out with colourful attires, exotic food and loud-music throughout (especially during each fests). For Beach-Lovers, Goa is much similar to a beach holiday- destination. Being rich in cultural heritage and ancient tradition, Goa has now become the most visited place in India. Portuguese rulers played a quiet good role in intensifying its splendour and grace. So, it’s suggested to be a part of this festival in Goa for once in your life time and explore its absolute zing and exuberance during the warmth season of the Year.

Willing to plan a notable route or journey for this Goa-Summer –Festival? Sit, Relax and Leave this on us; We will frame an organised set of itineraries for you and your family or friends. You will be getting a managed route till the last date of the expedition with the coverage of every possible vicinity around.

Click Here for planned route or journey to any of the Summer Fun filled Festivals and enjoy the Summer- Refreshment with your friends and family.

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