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Yashoda Jayanti 2022: Date, Story & Significance

Yashoda Jayanti marks the birth anniversary of Mata Yashoda, the mother of Lord Krishna. As per the Hindu calendar, it is observed on Krishna Paksha Sashti of the Phalguna month. Yashoda Jayanti is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm in Gokul, the village of Lord Krishna, where Yashoda Mata stayed with him and Nanda.

Yashoda Jayanti 2022 - Tuesday, 22 February
Tithi - Phalguna Krishna Paksha Sashti

The Brahma Muhurat in the morning is when devotees should wake up and take bath on the day of Yashoda Jayanti. Mata Yashoda and Lord Krishna are worshipped on this day. Devotees should offer a red dupatta to Mata Yashoda along with Panjiri and sweet chapati. The young avatar of Lord Krishna along with his mother Yashoda is celebrated on this day.


Yashoda Jayanti

Born to Devaki and Vasudeva, Krishna was King Kansa’s nephew. King Kansa was Devaki’s brother and King Uggarsen of Mathura was her father. Known for his cruelty, King Kansa arranged the marriage of his sister Devaki with one of his friends Vasudev. King Kansa, after the marriage ceremony was over, decided to bid farewell to Devaki, by riding their chariot to Vaasudeva’s home. As he was riding their marriage chariot there was AakashVani, the voice from Sky i.e heavens. According to the Akashvani, Kansa would be killed by Devaki’s eighth Son. Kansa imprisoned Devaki and Vasudeva.

After Kansa imprisoned the couple, he went on a killing spree of all their children. Not one single child did escape their fate and fell prey to the hands of Kansa. Year after year, he went on killing all the 6 children mercilessly. When Devaki was pregnant with the seventh child, Lord Vishnu asked Goddess Mahamaya to transfer the seventh child in Devaki’s womb to Rohini’s womb, the first wife of Vasudeva. Mahamaya did exactly as told by Vishnu. The seventh child of Vasudeva was transferred to Rohini’s womb who lived in Gokul with Yasodha and Nanda Raj, who was the brother in the Law of Vasudeva. Balaram was the seventh child who was very brave and daring. After a year Devaki was carrying the eight children in her womb and at midnight of Ashtami, she gave birth to Krishna. It was pouring heavily. The prison Guards were fast asleep and Devaki and Vasudeva prayed to God to have mercy on their situation and asked the Lord to protect the child Kansa. Miraculously, the chains of Vasudeva broke and the doors opened. Devaki hugged the child one last goodbye and gave it to Vasudeva.

Vasudeva taking Krishna rushed towards Gokul where he reached the River Yamuna and saw baskets on the river bank. Without much ado, he placed the child in one of the baskets and carried it over his head. The water of Yamuna was rising and flowing vigorously. Vasudeva still managed to step into the river and started to cross it. The water level kept rising higher and at one point touched Lord Krishna's foot. Instantly the water level started dropping.

On reaching Nandraja’s house, his wife Yashoda had just given birth to a baby girl. Their arrival made Devaki and NandRaja shocked but at the same time also made them very happy.

Vasudeva narrated the whole story to them. This made Yashoda’s heart fill with grief at Dewaki’s misfortune. Yashoda at once told Vasudeva that she at any cost would save their eighth son and to do so, she asked Vasudeva to trade her girl child with his son so that Kansa did not get suspicious. Such was the greatness of Mata Yashoda.


On this day, devotees fast to get rid of sins. Happiness is achieved. According to the legend, once Yashoda did severe penance of Srihari, pleased with her dedication and devotion Vishnu asked her to ask for a boon.

Yashoda said that her penance will be complete only when Lord Vishnu accepted her as his mother. The Lord in return told her that in the future, he will be born to Vasudeva and Devaki but Yashoda will be her mother. It was planned out exactly as said by Lord Vishnu. On the day of Yashoda Jayanti, if devotees follow the rituals and worship Yashoda Mata, childless couples get the happiness of being parents. Also observing this day helps get rid of the clashes at home.

In the entire epic, the relationship shared by Krishna with his mother Yashoda is the most beautiful of all. The love that Yashoda shares for Krishna are a tale to tell. The bond is unparalleled. Thus, Yashoda Jayanti is celebrated to celebrate the beauty of motherhood.

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