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When the child is born, he/she gets started connecting with the physical life. And as soon as the child is born, a caste ritual is performed which is termed as- Jaat-Karm Sansakar. Many types of defects/faults are removed by doing this rite. Under this ceremony, the baby is fed honey and ghee as well Vedic chants are recited so that the child remains healthy and long-lived.

Significance of Sanskar:

When an infant is born then the Jaat-Karm Sansakar is conducted. It has also been said that "jaate jaatakriya bhavet". Whatever rituals are done after the birth of an infant, it is called Jaat-Karm Sansakar. These include bathing the baby, clearing the mouth, feeding honey and ghee, breast feeding, oozing etc.

Because when an infant is born, the house is considered auspicious, therefore these deeds are given the form of rituals. It is believed that this sacrament removes problems from the mother's womb, defects of breast-feeding, urine difficulties, blood defects etc. and the child becomes meritorious and strong.

Jaatakarm Sanskaar and its set of rituals

When a child is born in this mysterious and bizarre world, significant rituals are performed for child’s happiness and well-being as well as for his good fortune (karmas) together with family members and relatives.

• Jaatakarm sanskaar is conducted prior to Naalachchhedan rite of the newborn child.

• Important rituals such as- bathing, clearing the mouth, feeding honey and ghee, breast feeding, oozing etc are done in front of the godhead with the chanting of Vedic mantras and shloks.

• After sacrificing two drops of ghee and six drops of honey with special mantras in the sacred hawan during Jaatakarm sanskaar is one of the divine rites.

• And after the special recitation of the nine mantras, everybody prays for the child to be intelligent, strong, healthy and long-lived while offering prayers to divinity.

• In the end, the mother breastfeeds the child for the last ceremony.

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