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Nishkraman means exiting. This ritual is performed in the fourth month after the birth. Our body is made of earth, water, fire, air and sky which is called Pancha-Bhoota. That is why Father prays to these five gods for the welfare of the child. Also wish that his infant stay long and healthy.

Significance of Nishkraman Sanskar–

The first time the child is taken out of the house. At that time the Nishkraman Sanskar is done. The results of this ritual have been told by the skilled scholars for maintaining the good health and long-life of the infant-

निष्क्रमणादायुषो वृद्धिरप्युद्दिष्टा मनीषिभिः

Just after the fourth month of birth, Nishkraman Sanskar is performed. This is conducted when the child becomes mentally and emotionally stable, strong and able to bear sunlight, air etc. The sun God and moon goddesses are worshipped with the proper rituals in this sacrament. Since the body of the child is made of earth, water, fire, air and light, therefore, parents wishes for the child’s long-life and welfare.

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