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Under this sacrament, the person is given the knowledge of the Vedas.

विद्यया लुप्यते पापं विद्यायाऽयुः प्रवर्धते।

विद्याया सर्वसिद्धिः स्याद्विद्ययाऽमृतमश्रुते।।

That means: the study of Vedic Vidya leads to the disappearance of all sins, and hence these wrongdoings get eliminated from one’s life as well as all the achievements are successfully attained. Many scholars look at Vedaramba Sanskar with the Akshargyan sanskar.

According to them, neither Vedas can be studied without acquiring knowledge of the letters nor are the writings scriptures possible. Therefore, they emphasize and focus on Akshargyan sanskar before Vedaramba Sanskar. Many scholars think that in the beginning, the person had no knowledge of the script/letters. That is why the Vedas were studied only by Gurmukh (guru’s speech).

Importance of Vedaramba Sanskar:

This sacrament is related to knowledge. The meaning of Vedas is that through the knowledge and the Vedarambhas sanskar, the persons should begin to incorporate the knowledge into itself. There is no other light than the knowledge in the scriptures. It is clear that in ancient times this ritual had special significance in human life.

After Yagyopavit Sanskar, the children were sent to gurukulas under the guidance of appropriate Acharyas to become familiar with the study of Vedas and specific knowledge. Prior to the Vedarbham, Acharya taught his disciples to follow the Brahmacharya fast and promised to live a modest life along with this only after taking the test, they used to study. All of our Vedas are the intact reserves of knowledge.

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