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Samavartan Sanskar means is to return again. After attaining education from the Ashram or Gurukul, this ritual was done to bring the person back to society. It means that the Brahmachari person is psychologically prepared for life's struggles.

Significance of Sanskar:

That is, when the young comes back to his home after attaining all the possible knowledge, wears elegant clothes then he is supposed to be famous for being meritorious and merciful. Full of patience, intelligence, knowledge and good meditated min, he has been asked to sit on higher posts. Prior to farewell to Gurukul the person undergoes Samavartan Sanskar. Prior to this rite, the Brahmachari had a decent ritual- Keshant Sanskar and then he took bathe. This bath comes under the Samavartan Sanskar. There is a ritual of bathing with eight earthen pots of water in the north part which are full of flavoured foods and medicinal water. This bath was accompanied by special mantras. After this sanskara he has been given the reward of the bachelor of education; The title was given by Acharya. From this title, he was considered to be the one to enter his home. This has been done after wearing beautiful clothes and ornaments as well as receiving blessings from Acharya and the Gurus, he is asked to go to his house.

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