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This ritual (sanskar) is performed in the fourth, sixth and eighth month for the child in the womb. Simentroyan Sanskar is equal for all the four categories and the child developing inside the womb becomes capable of learning. During this phase, the development of the child’s body depends on what the mother learns, conducts and behaves. Therefore the mother reacts in the same way, so that a child can have knowledge of ethics, temperament and action.

येनादिते: सीमानं नयाति प्रजापतिर्महते सौभगाय।

तेनाहमस्यौ सीमानं नयामि प्रजामस्यै जरदष्टिं कृणोमि।।

Significance of Sanskar: Simantroyan Sanskar is made up of simant and Utrayan. Simant is hair and Utrayan mean to rise upwards. It is believed that when a woman is pregnant, there are many changes found in her body over time. Simantroyan Samskara is done in the eighth month.

At this time, changes and pain can be noticed in her body these pain increases gradually, therefore, it is needed to prepare her mentally. On the pretext of this ritual, husbands are supposed to arrange her hair by making hairstyle so that she gets mental strength. This belief of this sacrament is quite strong that it prevents the pregnancy from mishaps. It is believed that if abortion or miscarriage is done in the fourth, sixth or eighth month, there is no possibility of survival of the foetus in the womb and the life of the mother also gets distressed many times. Therefore, it is advisable to do this sacrament in the sixth or eighth month. An important importance of this sacrament is that it also evolves the mental development of the child. Because during the eighth month, the child starts to understand and listen everything what mother says. Therefore, if the health of the mother would be good than the baby inside the womb becomes healthy, fit and fine.

Religious Sacraments of Seementotrayan Sanskar

Seementotrayan Sanskar is also known as Seemantakaran and Seemant sanskaar. Seemantotronyan means- Good luck and felicity.  

1- Seementotrayan rituals are performed to protect the foetus and the mother inside the womb as well as to prevent unbidden abortion and pregnancy mishaps

2- Seementotrayan sanskar is usually performed in between the sixth or eighth month of pregnancy. The married women used to fill vermillion (sindoor) in the hair partition (above the forehead) of the pregnant lady during the sacred rites and pray for the proper development of the foetus.

3- They also wish to have a bright son and bless the lady with happiness and fortune.

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