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This is the resource of religion. Vivah Sanskar (marriage rites) are considered as the most important ritual. Under this, the bride and groom both take a pledge to stay together and pursue ethics. Through marriage contribution is made towards the development of creation. From this sacrament, one gets free from the debt of the ancestors.

Importance of Vivah Sanskar:

Marriage is the sacred bond of two souls. Through marriage, two creatures who have their own separate entities create a combined unit. In both man and woman, God has given some divine characteristics and imperfections. Marriage finishes this incompleteness with its own characteristics in some way or other.

Therefore the marriage is generally considered to be a requirement of human life. The purpose of marriage is to move forward on the path of progress like the twin wheels of a vehicle, while giving each other the advantage of their qualifications and emotions. Lust has a very trivial place in the life of marriage, primarily to produce the great power arising from the meeting of two souls, which can prove to be helpful in the development of both the temporal and spiritual life.

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