Alopi Devi Mandir

Country: India

State : Uttar Pradesh

Locality/City/Village: Allahabad

Address :Alopi Bagh, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh 211006, India

God : Devi

Category : Famous temples

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Alopi Devi Mandir

Alopi Devi Temple in Allahabad is a famous Hindu Pilgrimage which is located in Alopi Bagh in the Indian states of Uttar- Pradesh. This distinguished Temple is positioned very close to the sacred Sangam Ghats where three holy Rivers- Ganges, Saraswati and Yamuna meet. Kumbh Mela is observed every four years to pay homage to god and to get blessings in bulk. Inside the main sanctum- sanctorum, there is no idol placed; only a Palki (Wooden Carriage )or the Doli is fixed in the centre of the Temple Dome.

As per the beliefs, during Sati’s immolation the last part fell at this divine location thereby named as "Alopi" where disappearance was concluded hence the holiest of all. Navratri Festival is celebrated for 9 days in this Temple.

Pooja Timings

Day Morning Evening
Monday - Sunday 06:00 AM 07:00 Pm


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