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Asvakranta Temple

God : Vishnu

Address :Asvakranta Temple north Guwahati Assam India

Locality/City/Village: Guwahati

State : Assam

Country: India

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Asvakranta Temple is an ancient Hindu temple dedicated Lord Vishnu from Hindu folklore situated in the North of Guwahati in Assam. This sanctuary of Lord Vishnu is without a doubt one of the best holy places in Assam. Asvakranta Temple is based on a rocky waterway bank and just looks the waterfront of the main stream, Brahmaputra. This sacred Vishnu temple features as a standout amongst the most well known tourist destination of Assam. Asvakranta Temple attracts millions of pilgrims every year due to its rich culture, historical significance and natural beauty of its surrounding. The great sight of the mountains and hills combined with river and amazing carvings on the sanctuary structure is a motivation behind why many visit Asvakranta Temple.

TIPS & GUIDE: While going by the Asvakranta Temple, one can investigate the few fascinating symbols of Hindu legendary divine beings. Around the Asvakranta Temple, one can visit the eastern site which has the footprint of Lord Krishna, Kurmajanardan and Anantasayi which are two ancient sanctuaries dedicated to Lord Vishnu and has a flight of stairs that has been worked to associate the 3 sanctuaries and has survived hundreds of years after development, and the regular island, Aarparuat, which is gone to by various white cranes.

The best time to visit the Asvakranta Temple is during the months of November to May, as because the climate cools down to a comfortable temperature and lets everyone enjoy the additional beauty of the blooming orchids.

You can reach Guwahati by flights or prepare and afterward go by street through the Saraighat Bridge or by boat which is worked by Water Transport Regular Ferry administrations from Suklesvar Ghat in Guwahati.


The origin and history of the Asvakranta Temple are similarly glorious like its beauty and holiness. The significance of "Asvakranta" is taken from the Hindi word for horse. As indicated by the legend surrounding the sanctuary, Lord Krishna had stayed outdoors here with his armed force before at last overwhelming and destroyed the powerful evil demon, Narakasur. The Asvakranta Temple is also connected with the tale of Lord Krishna and his better half Rukamini. It is also believed that the spot where the sanctuary is constructed is exactly where Lord Krishna’s horse had been surrounded by several enemies.

Asvakranta actually signifies 'climbed by horses'. It is here that Sri Krishna stayed outdoors with his armed force before he crushed and slaughtered Narakasur. Aswakranta is related with Krishna-Rukamini scene. It is said that Krishna's Asva (horse) was encompassed (akranta) by the enemies at this place.


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