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Devarahi Mandir

God : Kali Mata

Address :Deoria Sadar, Deoria, Uttar Pradesh 274001, India

Locality/City/Village: Deoria

State : Uttar Pradesh

Country: India

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Devarahi or Dewarahi is a very famous Goddess- Kali Temple situated at Deoria Sadar in Uttar- Pradesh state of India. This Hindu Temple has a very giant Statue of Goddess- Shakti in the form of Kali at Deoria town. In the temple premises, a beautiful Goddess- Durga idol is placed at the main abode with many other small statues. A very giant idol of Goddess- Kali is fixed inside the main temple complex.

It is basically positioned at the heart of this city and attracts n number of devotees on many Hindu Festivals and occasions. Almost all the Festivities are observed here and thus celebrated with great devotion and enthusiasm among the Goddess- followers. The Priests inside the main sanctorum follow set of rituals and perform various Pooja rituals on a daily basis. They accomplish a special type of Pooja Vidhi during Fridays and Mondays.

Navratri is celebrated in this sacred Hindu Temple for Nine Days. This notable Goddess Durga Festival is commemorated in different ways on nine different nights with lots of devotion and fervour among the devotees. People visit this holy Goddess Pilgrimage across the state to get immense blessings and boons. 

Temple Timings

Day Morning Evening
Sunday - Monday 05:00 Am 08:00 Pm



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