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Evoor Sreekrishna Swami Temple

Country :IND

State :Kerala

Locality/City/Village :Alappuzha

Address :Cheppad Railway Station Road, Cheppad, Alappuzha, Kerala 690507, India

God :Krishna

Category :Famous temples

Locate direction : map


Evoor Sreekrishna Swami Temple

Evoor Major Sri krishnaswamy temple is a very holy place to worship Lord Krishna. It is positioned in Evoor near Kayamkulam at Alappuzha, Kerala. Moolam Thirunal constructed the current Evoor Major Sri krishnaswamy temple. The festivals celebrated inside the temple is voor Vishu Darshanam, Aiyalyam Makam, Shankaranthi Vallam Kali, Tiruvonam Ulsavam, Ashtami Rohini, Kuchela dinam, etc.


Palliyunathal -                                       04:45 AM 
Nada Thurappu -                                  04:50 AM 
Nirmalyam -                                          05:00 AM 
Usha Pooja -                                         07:00 AM 
Pantheeradi Pooja -                              08:00 AM 
Kalabha Charthu -                                10:30 AM 
Ucha Pooja -                                         11:00 AM 
Nadayadappu -                                     11:30 AM 


Nada Thurappu -                                   05:00 PM 
Deeparadhana -                                    06:30 PM 
Athazha Pooja -                                    07:30 PM 
Nadayadappu  -                                    08:00 PM


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