ISKCON Temple, Greater Noida

Country: India

State : Uttar Pradesh

Locality/City/Village: Noida

Address :I-443, 6th Ave, Block I, Delta II, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201308, India

God : Krishna

Category : Famous temples

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ISKCON Temple, Greater Noida

ISKCON is one of the renowned Hindu temples; dedicated to Lord –Krishna and his beautiful partner- Radha. Lord-Krishna is a main deity of Hindu Mythology. It is the largest Hare Krishna community in the world and resided in Delta II, 6th Avenue, Block I, Greater Noida. ISKCON is a Radha-Krishna’s Abode where the main deities are of Krishna and Radha. This is a sacred shrine and is one of the beautiful Temples in the world.  It is famed as the complex of Krishna’s Devotees. It has a big campus in Noida as well. ISKCON in Noida is one of the 20 sacred places, most visited in the whole world with almost 5 million* visitants/guests around the year. Every year, Vaishnava festivals are celebrated with a great pomp and zeal. Worth special mention are the Gaura Purnima festivities like Navadvipa Mandal Parikramaand Kirtan Mela which attract thousands of devotees annually. Almost Every day since 20 years, patient and determined Brahmacharies teach the noteworthy Mangala Arati to the guests who so ever visit the temple. They also help in reciting the Holy Name of the Lord on japa mala beads. There are several guesthouses, restaurants, shops for daily needs, a pharmacy and a clinic inside the each section.

Pooja Timings

Day Morning Evening
Sunday - Monday 07:00 Am 07:00 Pm


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