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Kanipura Shree Gopalakrishna Temple

Country :IND

State :Kerala

Locality/City/Village :Kasaragod

Address :Panvel - Kochi - Kanyakumari Hwy, Kumbla (Kumble), Kasaragod, Kerala 671321, India

God :Krishna

Category :Famous temples

Locate direction : map


Kanipura Shree Gopalakrishna Temple

Kanipura Sri Gopalakrishna temple is a very famous and historic lord Krishna Temple.  It is positioned at Kasaragod town on the bank of “Kumbha Hole” (Hole means river ) which is also known as the Kumbhini. It is 8 miles due North to the heart of the city- Kasaragod. This is a very ancient Temple and was renovated by King Jayasimha of Kadamba Danasty in the late 10th Century. The festival- “Kumble Bedi’’ and Bali are commemorated where people from different parts of north Kerala and South Canara assemble for the celebration.’

Timings:- Special Pooja- Day                               Timings                      Pooja                                        Charges in Rs.

                      Sankashtahara Chathurthi                 7.30 A.m                  Ganapathi Homa,                            51-00.

                      Shukla Paksha First Saturday           10.00 A.m                Shani Pooja,                                      101-00.

                      All Sankramanas                                    12.30 P.m                 Vishesha karthika Pooja,             1001-00.

                      Full MoonDays                                         10.00 A.m                ShriSathyanarayana Pooja.


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