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Khunya Murlidhar Mandir

God : Krishna

Address :Sadashiv Peth, Krantiveer Vasudev Phadke Path, Perugate, Pune, Maharashtra 411030, India

Locality/City/Village: Pune

State : Maharashtra

Country: India

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At a distance of 3kilometers, Khunya Murlidhar temple is located in Sadashiv Path from city center. This temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and the Radhakrishna idol of the temple is created in marble by Bakhatram, a famous Jaipur sculptor.


At the time of British rule in 1897, the third Chapekar brother, Vasudeva, killed Ganesh Shankar Dravid, who was the man who helped in getting Damodar and Balkrishna Chapekar   just in front of the temple.
Vasudeo Balwant Phadke, who was a freedom fighter always used to come to the temple and gave speech to the people around. He also provided training to youngsters about how to fight with British Rulers.

The name 'Khunya Murlidhar' means murderer/killer Murlidhar. There is a story behind the name. One day during the ‘Praanpratishtha’ ceremony (the installation of the idol) of the temple, the temple guards objects the British soldiers from marching through the road. This led to the bloody battle between the British soldiers and the temple guards, which result in the lost of the lives of many people and hence got the name Khunyaa".

Temple Timings

Day Morning Evening
Monday-Sunday 06:00 Am 08:00 Pm



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