Langre Ki Choki Hanuman Mandir

Country: India

State : Uttar Pradesh

Locality/City/Village: Agra

Address :HIG Flat, 19, Bypass Rd, Langre Ki Chowki Chouraha, Langre Ki Chowki, Civil Lines, Agra, Uttar Pradesh 282004, India

God : Hanuman

Category : Largest Temple

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Langre Ki Choki Hanuman Mandir

Langra ki Choki is a Hindu Temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman. The temple got its name- Langre ki Chowki Hanuman Mandir just because the temple is located at the place- Langre ki Chowki at Civil- Lines in Agra. It is the most renowned and the illustrious Hanuman Pilgrimage in Uttar Pradesh state. It is a belief that People come a long way to get blessings from Lord Hanuman and take a Parikrama of the temple. It is a famous Temple as legend says that Hanuman is always present for his devoteesi in their bad days. This notable temple was built by an ardent devotee of Lord Hanumana- the Lagre Baba. During early hours, the presence of Baba is also felt till date.

Pooja Timings

Day Morning Evening
Monday - Sunday 06:00 AM 07:00 Pm


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