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Manu Temple

God : Krishna

Address :Old Manali, Manali, Himachal Pradesh 175131, India

Locality/City/Village: Manali

State : Himachal Pradesh

Country: India

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This prominent temple is dedicated to the sage Manu, who is said to be the creator of the world and the writer of the popular ‘Manusmriti’. Manu Temple is situated about 3 km away from old Manali market , at a distance of three kilometres from the main market of the city. However, this area is crowded and quite congested but the presence of the River Beas adds attraction to the temple. This temple is famed as one of the prime attractions in Manali and there is a belief that it is the same place where sage Manu meditated after stepping on earth after the disastrous flood and started recreating life and human race. Manu Temple has a perceptible historical background that appeals to most of the people who visit Manali. The adulation of this beauteous and majestic temple lies in the fact that it is the only temple dedicated to Manu; so who so ever visits Manali makes it a point to visit this temple. The visitors and the travellers are advised to wear dresses covering the knees and shoulders, while inside the temple. However, to reach this temple, devotees and tourists have to walk on the path made of greasy sandstone pebbles. Because,  the temple is built on the banks of River’ Beas’.  After a while, this temple was reconstructed and addition of marble floors and vaulted ceilings were done.

How To Reach:

Manu Temple is positioned 3 kilometres away from the market place of Old Manali so it is easily approachable through road and the best time to visit Manu Temple in Manali is from April to June when the climate is pleasant and warm. Apart from having Darshan to this noteworthy religious place, travellers could actually enjoy trekking and other adventure sports.


It is famous as a rare Hindu temple in India and this temple has a significant shrine that represents the history of humanity. Manu temple is dedicated to the great Saint Manu who is said to be the creator of the world and the creator of the work Manu Smriti. Manu Smriti has laid down the founding laws of Hinduism. Most of the people say that the original Manali Village is the Old Manali. And the word ‘Manav’ (human) is believed to be originated from“Manu”. It was in this place that the sage dwelt and meditated. This wonderful Hindu temple is made up of wood and stone and marble is used for flooring. Inside the temple premise, there are so many doors on two sides through which fresh air and light passes inside the temple to keep it bright and well lit every time. It is the only temple dedicated to Saint Manu. Manu has arrived at Manali and made the place his abode. The Manu temple has remained as one of the primary tourist attractions in Manali.

Temple Timings

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Monday-Sunday 08:00 Am 06:00 Pm



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