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Mumba Devi Temple

God : Devi

Address :Mumba Devi Marg, Zaveri Bazaar, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400002, India

Locality/City/Village: Mumbai

State : Maharashtra

Country: India

Temple Timings | Map



Mumba Devi Temple is a renowned ancient temple dedicated to 'Goddess Mumbadevi'. This beautiful temple situated in Mumbai was built in the 18th century. The 'Koli' fishermen or the early inhabitants of Mumbai greatly respect and honor Goddess Mumbadevi and consider her as their guardian. Goddess Mumbadevi is recognized as 'Goddess Shakti' or the Goddess of Power. The temple was demolished in 1675 AD and rebuilt later in 1737 AD.

How To Reach:

By Road: One can hire auto-rickshaws or taxis to Bhuleshwar where the Mumba Devi Temple is located.

By Rail: One can reach Mumba Devi Temple easily by boarding local trains from the city. The Charni Road Station is only 10 minutes from Bhuleshwar. Churchgate Station is also located close to Bhuleshwar.


According to a legend, Mumbadevi, an eight-armed Goddess, was sent by 'Lord Brahma' to vanquish an evil demon known as 'Mumbaraka', who terrorized the locals. After his defeat, Mumbaraka fell on his knees and begged the Goddess to take his name. He was also given the permission to build a beautiful temple dedicated to her. Thus, the magnificent shrine of Mumba Devi Temple was built by Mumbaraka in the heart of the city. However, as per another Legend, The Mumba Devi Temple was first constructed in Bori Bunder in 1675. In 1737, the temple was re-constructed at Zaveri Bazaar, Bhuleshwar as it was destructed by an earthquake. The Koli fishermen and Dravidians offered their prayers to Mumbadevi at this temple and still continue to do so since ancient times.


Today, this elegant temple is sited amidst the crowded steel and cloth markets of Mumbai. Within the jam-packed Zaveri Bazaar, one can see the Mumba Devi Temple surrounded by several flower shops. People attend the 'aartis' in this temple that are conducted in the mornings and evenings. The Mumba Devi Temple is open on all days except Mondays. Apart from the regular devotees who flock the temple, tourists from all over the world too, come to admire this gorgeous temple in Mumbai. Mumbai city derives its name from the Goddess Mumbadevi and therefore, this temple is truly an important structure for the dwellers of this beautiful city.

Temple Timings

Day Morning Evening
Monday-Sunday 06:00 Am 08:00 Pm



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