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Narayani Temple

God : Lakshmi

Address :Narayani village, Ganjam, Odisha

Locality/City/Village: Ganjam

State : Odisha

Country: India

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Narayani Temple is an ancient Hindu temple nestled in a village named Narayani after the name of Goddess Narayani. It is situated near to Khalikote, Ganjam District in the Indian states of Odisha. The temple has a magnificent idol of ten-armed Hindu divinity Narayani.

History and Architecture

The temple is constructed during 7th Century AD in the khakara style of architecture like the Vittal Deula at old town Bhubaneswar. The temple though lacking in architectural finesse is a revered in Ganjam.

The temple got revamped by Khalikote zamindars, around the 18th Century. The architectural style of the temple is a Khakhara Deula which looks similar to the Kalinga style of architecture. The temple is positioned adjacent to Chilika Lake and is considered one of the beautiful places to visit in summers. Narayani Temple has a main entranc, facing towards North and a big baranda just close to the main sanctum. The walls are chiseled with surpassing sandstones showcasing the exquisite statues of deities and godheads.

Puja and Festivals

Admirers and avid followers of Shaktism and Power Goddes should take a visit to this temple at the time of Navratri especially Chaitra Navratri. Besides, the beauty of the temple is worth seeing during Shardiya Navratri, Dusshera and Kali Puja as it gets embellished like a newly-wed bride on the nine divine nights. Durga Puja fair organized by the temple authorities during Shardiya Navrati is very popular here. Till this day animal sacrifice rituals are practiced in the temple.

Temple Timings

Day Morning Evening
Monday - Sunday 06:00 AM 09:00 PM



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