Rajeshwar Mandir

Country: India

State : Uttar Pradesh

Locality/City/Village: Agra

Address :Raja Kaira, Shamsabad Road, Kaveri Vihar Phase II, Shamsabad, Agra, Uttar Pradesh 282001, India

God : Shiva

Category : Famous temples

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Rajeshwar Mandir

Rajeshwar Mandir is a very beautiful and old temple dedicated to lord Shiva. It is one of the holiest temples situated in Raja Kaira at Shamsabad Road in Agra. This ancient Shiva pilgrimage was basically established on the outskirts of Agra.  Now the main premise comes under the main city vicinity and now became the most attractive tourist place in Uttar-Pradesh. This temple has a beautiful Shivlinga installed inside the main sanctum-sanctorum along with a Nandi nearby. The local residents say that the best time to visit this temple is during festivals as all Hindu festivals including Mahashivratri, Shrawan Maas etc. are celebrated with great devotion and zeal every year. Umpteen people and local pilgrims specially come and visit this shrine on the occasion of Mahashivratri annually. This Shiva abode is very popular for its annual fair (mela) of Shravana (a month of the Hindu calendar) and Shivratri. As per the calculations, approx 7 to 8 million Shiva followers and Shaivities visit this holy place from various parts of India. Devotees take blessings from Lord Shiva by offering- Sugar, honey, Milk, flowers and the holy water of Ganges. Kanvarias also bring divine water to offer on Lingam during Shravana Maas.

Pooja Timings

Day Morning Evening
Sunday - Monday 04:30 Am 08:30 Pm


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