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Shiv kund mandir sohna

God : Shiva

Address :Tauru Rd, Thakur Wara, Sohna, Gurgaon, Haryana 122103, India

Locality/City/Village: Gurgaon

State : Haryana

Country: India

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Shiv kund mandir at Sohna is a very ancient Hindu Temple and is 500 years old. This renowned temple is situated at Thakur Wara in Gurgaon, Haryana. This is an old Shiva Pilgrimage and has a Shiva Kund placed inside the temple. The speciality of this holy temple is that it gets naturally hot water along with the sulphur from the Kund. Legend holds it that after bathing in this sacred Kund, your all Skin Problems can be cured.

Almost all the festivals are celebrated with a set of rituals in this temple. The festival of Shivratri is observed at grand scale with a great devotion and fervour. Maha Shivratri is a Hindu Festival which is popular as-"The Great Night of Shiva". It is a propitious festival largely celebrated in this holy pilgrimage. This famous Shiva festival is commemorated on the new moon day in the month of ‘Maagha’ according to the Hindu calendar in this famous temple.The most striking and the attractive feature of this festival is the active participation of the Naga Bavas.

Temple Timings

Day Morning Evening
Monday-Sunday 06:00 Am 09:00 Pm



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