Vaikom Temple

Country: India

State : Kerala

Locality/City/Village: Kottayam

Address :Mahadevar Temple P.O, Vaikom, Kottayam, Kerala 686141, India

God : Shiva

Category : Famous temples

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Vaikom Temple

Mahadevar Vaikom Temple was built in the hearts of Vaikom in Kerala. According to the mythology, This place has been given name- Vaiyaghra geham and Vaiyaghra puram. Inside the temple complex, the Shiva Linga is believed to be from the ‘Treta yuga’ and considered as one of the oldest and biggest temple in India. Vaikkath Asthami is a festival celebrated with a great devotion and enthusiasm every year at the temple. Vaikom temple is one of the most revered and sacred Shiva shrines in South India.

Temple Pooja Timings-

3.30 am Palli Unarthal,

4.00 am Nadathurappu Nirmalya Darsana Ethirthu Pooja Usha Pooja

6.30 am Ethirthu Sribeli

7.30 am Panthiradi Pooja

9.00 am Navakam Pooja

10.00 am Ucha Pooja Abhisheka – Panchagavyam Navakam, and special Abhishekas

11.30 am Ucha Sribeli

5.00 pm Nadathurappu

6.30 pm Deeparadhana

7.00 pm Athaza Pooja

8.00 pm Athaza Sribeli

Pooja Timings

Day Morning Evening
Monday - Sunday 06:00 AM 07:00 Pm


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