Paush Purnima


Paush Purnima falls on full moon day of Paush month. This Purnima is considered as one of the significant days among the Hindus as on the very next day, holy Magha month begins. People believe that a holy dip in the holiest rivers like Ganga and Yamuna in Paush Purnima purify all the sins of current birth and previous birth as well.


As per Hindu mythology; our soul has to be punished for all our sins in all our lives. To attain moksha and get free from birth cycle; one should cleanse all the bad karmas. It is believed that taking bath in holy rivers and donating to the needy during Paush Purnima will cleanse the person of all their sins and have all their wishes fulfilled. So holy dip at Dashashwamedh Ghat at Varanasi and Triveni Sangam at Prayag is considered highly auspicious and important on Paush Purnima day.


Shakambari (Goddess of fruit & Grain) Jayanti is also celebrated on Paush Purnima. According to legends, many years ago there was a terrible drought and it did not rain for over many years. All the animals, humans and plants started losing their lives without food & water. Seeing this, the Goddess Shakti avatar as Shakambari Devi and showered ample rain to let the Earth regain its life. Shakambari Navratri ends on Paush Purnima.


Paush Purnima is considered as very auspicious day for Hindus. Devotees keep Satyanarayan Brat to regain favor of Lord Vishnu. In many temples & ashrams Satyanarayan Katha is performed & thousands of devotees gather to be part of this. People also arrange special puja at their home for welfare & long life of their family members.

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