Festival of Colors Holi 2018: Celebration around the World

The festival of colours HOLI is commemorated in India and now across the world with a great fervour and pomp. This vivid festival is observed on the full moon day during the month of Phalgun (March), signalling the onset of spring. What makes Holi so unique and remarkable is the zest of celebration which remains the same throughout the country and even across the globe (world), wherever it is celebrated. Let’s know the countries which solemnize this vibrant occasion enthusiastically.

The United State of America

holi usa

Americans and the Indians residing in US celebrate Holi with a lot of excitement and zest. People team up in a gang in local temple or some community hall/area and throw colour- dry (gulal) at one another. The group together eat their favourite brunch and take selfies, dance on bollywood music to have fun. In New York, Societies set up by Indians help organise the festivities to make it one of the main attractions for local peeps. In New York, Holi parades are taken out. People can be seen having fun in these parades, playing with colour.Many a time Bollywood actors join the celebrations that see dance performances, fashion shows and music concerts. There is so much revelry that it becomes quite difficult to imagine that New York is not in India. With the rise in popularity of Holi,celebrations are seen at Las Vegas, Idaho and Arizona,as well as several cities in California,including Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Sacramento. With a large number of Indians residing in the US.

Holi Celebration in Russia

holi russia

In Russia, each and every major city observes Holi in a very different fashion. It has now become a foremost occasion for them and they eagerly wish Holi to come. However, it is usually not commemorated on the same day just like in India. Since in Russia, during Holi, they find the climate a way cooler, therefore they celebrate according to their convenience. They like to play Holi with dry colors, love to have barbeque food around and dance on their favourite tracks. In general, umpteen people take participate in celebrations and about 5000 crow gather together in a park or a hall to play colors on this festivity. Traditionally, a bonfire is lit on Holi eve, signifying the victory of good over evil.

Holi Celebration in Australia

Celebrations, colours, jubilation and lots of fun are the terms related to Holi. This fete is observed in different styles among Australians. Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan organises festivities, exhibitions and other fun-activities for local residents. This is commemorated in pre-defined vicinity for playing colors and partying whole-day. However they choose a notable place which has been constantly visited by people from every community. A mandatory and exclusive Chariot Carcade (Rath-Yatra) is conducted by Indians through the crowded streets of Sydney in Australia. Holi is played mostly with dry colours and Gulals in this country with pomp and gaiety. Enthusiasts make a big Human pyramid to break Matki (Handi) among crowd. Spectaculars and Viewers throw water and colour on the human pyramid for fun and celebrations.

Holi in The United Kingdom

holi aboard

Holi has become one of the illustrious festivals among Indian people who live in U.K. They organise a huge fest in a distinguished whereabouts to commemorate this vibrant color- festival. They visit their settled abroad friends and greet them with good wishes. They also exchange sweets and gifts on this auspicious occasion. Celebration of Holi in U.K is the same as in the US and the Australia. Indians who put up there do not forget to make Holi a big Fest. They organise Holi Parade for celebrating this Indian occasion with a great enthusiasm. People especially Indians settled in U.K do not miss out on the excitement of celebrating Holi. One can particularly sense the zeal in localities with a large number of Indians. One can see a unique spark and full spirit in each one of them and their enjoyment reaches on peak during Holi.

Holi Celebration in Mauritius and Fiji

Countries like- Mauritius and Fiji, Holi is celebrated just like the people solemnize in India. People throng and feel happy during this colorful festival as this occasion is all about collective euphoria and excitement. Indians in these foreign places make special dishes such as- Gujjiyas, Namkeens for their loved ones and play Gulal or different colours with much fervour. Holi is played mostly with dry colours and in designated areas such as parks and open gardens. Much liveliness and zest can be seen in temples and nearby areas.

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