Similar Festivals like Holi

The human population has been divided through out the world, different communities situated at different geographical locations has their own cultures and festivities. Similar festivals like Holi is also celebrated in the continent of Europe.

La Tomatina

tomato fight

A small town of Buñol is situated about 40 KM away of harbor city of Valencia in Spain hosts the annul tomato fight festival commonly called as Tomatina or colloquially called La Tomatina.

The festivities lasts for about an hour or so but plaid with certain rules and in a designated. Once the festivities are over the arena is cleaned.

Battle of Oranges

The orange fight or commonly called as battle of oranges in the city of Ivrea in Italy. It's one of the biggest food fights in the Italy. The local people participate in this festival is normally divided into nine teams for combating, throwing oranges at each other – sometimes with considerable amount of violence. The festivities takes place on a carnival times, starts form Sunday, Monday & Tuesday. The festival ends with a silent march pass.