NavDurga Symbolism

Durga – The name itself shows the power it holds. The Goddess of ultimate power and infinite aura is known to be Goddess Durga. Her mythological stories are awe inspiring and will make you wonder about the possibilities of power.

Goddess Durga sits on a lion or a tiger: A lion or a tiger represents power, pride and position. Durga sitting on her signifies that she has control over the most powerful traits of existence.

She wears red colored clothes: This shows that she is a creation to eradicate all the sufferings and mishaps of people.

She is mounted with heavy jewelry and variety of weapons.

During her emergence she was gifted with the most powerful weapons by all the Gods and Goddesses.

Let’s know what they were.
Vishnu – gave her a Sudarshan Chakra
Kala, Sun God – gave her a sword
Surya, Sun God – gave her arrows
Himavan – gave her a lion
Agni, fire god – gave her an axe
Vayu – gave her a bow
Kubera, god of wealth – gave her a mace
Varuna, the sea god – gave her a conch
Shiva – gave her a trident