Yamuna Chhath, Katyayani Puja

Maa Katyayani is the 6th form of the Goddess Durga. A girl facing issues for fixing a marriage can pray MaaKatyayani to obtain a happy and smooth marriage life. She ensures harmony and peace in married life. It is also believed that worshipping her can help eradicate all the negative effects of planets in horoscope.



On the havoc created by Mahisasur, Goddess Parvati had taken the avatar of Katyayani. She is also referred as the warrior Goddess. Certain religious texts state that Goddess Pravati was born at the home of sage Katya and hence the name Katyayani. She can be seen riding a lion and carrying a lotus stem and sword in her right hands. She is said to be gifted with the lion by Goddess Gauri.

Auspicious Time

Devi Katyayani is worshipped on the 7th day of Navratri. The tithi in which the puja is carried is Shasthi.

Puja Vidhi

Atma Pooja

Puja done for self-purification

Tilak and Aachman

Put tilak on forehead and drink holy water from palms.


Taking water in hand and making a wish in front of the Goddess.

Aavahana and Aasan

Offer flowers


Offer water to the Devi’s charan.


Offer kapoor (camphor) mixed water.


Offer cow milk for bathing

Ghrita and Madhusnan

Offer ghee and honey for bathing

Sharkara and Panchamritsnan

Offer sugar and the panchaamrita bathing.


Offer sari or cloth to wear.


Put Sandalwood tilak on the deity.

Kumkum, Kajal, druvapatra and bilwapatra

Dhoopa and Deepam


Aarti & Mantra

Maa Durga mantras for all nine days of the navratri

For delayed marriage

Hey gaurishankaradhanyathatwamshankarpriya
Tatha man kurukalyanikantkantansudurlabham

For finding suitable husband for daughter

Om katyayanimahabhagemahayoginyadhishvarim
Nandgopsutamdevipatiam me kurutenamah

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