Jagannath Mandir Medinipur West Bengal

Jagannath temple is one of the ancient temples in Mohanpur in the Midnapore district of West Bengal, India. It is situated about 20 km from Jaleswar, 16 km from Egra and 201 km from Kolkata. Idols of Jagannath, Balaram and Subhadra are present in the temple. This temple was constructed around 1611 by Karmahapatra family and is currently in a ruined condition and requires preservation. Legend is that the Puri Jagannath Mandir is visible from the peak of this temple.

Lord Jagannath culture has been practiced by millions of people across the globe . The evidence of Lord Jagannath’s culture can be traced back to thousands of years. Lord Jagannath known as the “The God of The Universe” which is proved by the disciples of Lord Jagannath across the globe. Almost every state of India has Lord Jagannath temple.

In the year 1984, some Odia youths dreamt of a Shri Jagannath Temple at Kharagpur in the district of Medinipur, presently renamed as Paschim Medinipur ,West Bengal. They collected some money by organizing one odia Cinema in the premises of Kharagpur Utakal Bidya Pitha. Pandit Gouri Kumar Brahma conducted a discourse encouraging the young mass to start construction of Sri Jagannath temple at Kharagpur. With spiritual emotion and impulse, a large congregation of Odiya people started the movement for the construction of a temple for the Almighty. A committee was formed in the name of Shri Jagannath Temple Committee, Khargpur and got registered under West Bengal Society Act of 1961. The then Divisional Railway Manager of Kharagpur division, S.E.Railway, Shri S.S.Narayanan became the president of the committee and Shri Staked Hota, the then Additional General Manager, S.E.Railway; Kolkata became the vice president of the committee.

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Jagannath Mandir Medinipur, West Bengal

The DRM Shri Narayanan provided a suitable land for the temple on which the present temple is now situated. In the year 1987, the temple with asbestos roof was constructed under the leadership of Shri K.K.Gupta,the then Divisional Railway Manager of Kharagpur division,S.E.Railway,Shri L.D.Behera,the then Dy CME,Kharagpur Work Shop & Shri U.N.Majhi,the then FA&CAO Kharagpur Work Shop, Sri Rabindra Kumar Mohanty and other local people and the regular worship of the photos of the Trinity(Shri Balavadra,DevihSuvadra,Shri Jagannath) was started. In the year 1988, the Darubrahmas of the Trinity were brought from Puri on the sacred day of Akshaya Trutia & installed in the temple and started worshiping. Since that year the regular Ratha Yatra of Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Maa Subhadra started .

Then it was felt by the committee & Odia people of Kharagpur to construct a beautiful temple for Mahaprabhu.With only Rs.35000/- in hand, the foundation stone for the temple was laid down by Goudiya Math Maharaj, Janardan Mahapravu of Subashpally,Kharagpur on the auspicious occasion of Akshaya Trutiya in the year 1991.With the blessing & wishes of Shri Jagannath, thousands of people from all walks of life irrespective of their caste, creed & religion contributed as per their capabilities to bring the temple to its present stage. Staffs & Officers from Railways, Banks & IIT Kharagpur and other organizations contributed immensely for the construction of the new temple & supported for the smooth running of the temple. The construction of the new temple was carried out by Raghunath Mahapatra & team from Begunia in the district of Nayagarh, Odisha.The design & supervision support has been provided by the faculty from the Dept. of Civil Engineering & Dept.of Architecture, IIT Kharagpur. In the temple complex, there are four temples such as temple for Bimala Mata, Lakshmi Mata, Lord Shiva and Ganesh Bhagwan. This temple took near about 11 years to complete. Finally the long cherished wish of Odia people for having a marvelous temple for their saviour Shri Jagannath was realized in the year 2002.With direction and guidelines of Gajapati Maharaj, Divyasingha Dev of Puri and inspiration of Late Devendra Das, ex DSP of Puri, the temple was inaugurated by Gajapati Maharaj, Shri Divya Singh Dev on 22nd February 2002 by divine order. With the grace of Almighty, such a gigantic structure with the expenses of Rs.70 Lakhs was realized in this industrial town. No such beautiful Jagannath Temple in West Bengal with Utkaliya art and architecture is found till date. The ornamental architectural design of the temple bewitches all the spectators of Kharagpur Town and it has now become a tourist spot. One, who comes to Khargpur, does not miss a chance of visiting this temple. The people of this cosmopolitan town of Kharagpur are happy to be part of spreading universal religion & universal message of Lord Shri Jagannath.

Address: Bara Bazar Main Road, Medinipur, West Bengal 721101, India

Contact No: 03222 268 345

How to reach the temple - 20 km from Jaleswar, 16 km from Egra and 201 km from Kolkata.

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