Top Unique Temples In India


This may sound funny, but the story associated brings goose bumps. A person had died while driving this bullet because of a crash with a tree. Then this bike was taken several times to the police station and tied. But it came back to the location of the crash again and again, no one knows how. Since then, people worship it.


MehandipurBalaji temple is famous for curing devotees who are possessed by supernatural spirits. Weird activities can be seen here like people hanging upside down, being beaten or shouting with unnatural voices. This place is very creepy but for sure is a cure to your haunted issues.


The representative of evil – Ravana is also worshipped? Yes! A temple in Ravangram district is dedicated to the worship of Ravana. It is believed that worshipping him would make you a great scholar like he was, and teach you skills of dedication towards the Lord.


A temple where deity of Dogs are worshipped in ChenapatnaTaluk. The dog Gods are said to protect the village from any wrong happenings. They are also established in order to bless the humans with qualities like trust, selflessness, loyalty etc.


History has seen it! Students or people who face problem in attaining Visa’s pray at this temple to attain one. You don’t even have to pay Lord Venkateshwara – an incarnation of Lord Vishnu who is the Visa agent, since there are no donation boxes in the temple.


MaaKarni Devi – an incarnation of Lord Durga said that none of her family members would die since they will be born in the form of rats and reside in this temple. There are as many as 20,000 rats that are fed and taken care of in this temple.