Tirupati Balaji,Andhra Pradesh


Before Padmanabhaswamy Temple found the treasures, TirupatiBalaji used to be the richest temple. It is dedicated to the worship of Venkateswara-an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. In an average about 60 to 100 K devotees visit the place. The major attraction here is the shedding of hair due to an interesting mythology associated. Once a year these collected hairs of devotees are sold to International buyers which bring in the major cash inflow apart from the already existing treasury.

  • Millions of rupees come from auction of hairs of devotees.
  • The deity of Venkateswarawears about 1000kgs of gold!
  • Annual cash inflow from Laddus made at the temple is in an average 11 Million Rupees.
  • People offer gold and even Diamond to Sri Venkateshwara.
  • A huge amount of donations are also made to the temple.

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