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With the pandemic closing down parks and activities, and schools shifting to online classes, the kids are taking it the hardest as they have been forced to stay indoors with no scope of exercise or socialization. If you are a concerned parent worried about your child’s fitness taking a back seat in this situation, yoga is an excellent option for them. This ancient Indian discipline is perfect for children of all ages and has a wide range of benefits for them.

Enhanced Health

The health benefits of yoga are endless. Yoga improves the functioning of various organ systems, and thus, promoting overall health. It helps to improve digestion, metabolism, weight management. And can also help heal several diagnosed and yet to be diagnosed issues and boost immunity, which is a huge bonus in this situation.

Healthy Body Image

Yoga can be practiced by anybody, irrespective of their weight. This discipline accepts and appreciates every kind of body and only aims to create a healthier version of the person. Building a better body image from a young age helps with better confidence, self-esteem and improves their relationship with their bodies.

Flexibility Development

The lack of activity is taking a huge toll on flexibility in children. Yoga can help build better flexibility, which is essential for their growing bones. It helps improve agility and reduces the pain of growth spurts. Regular practice of yoga during the growing age also improves posture and can enhance their height as well.

Increased Focus

Yoga teaches control over the body and the mind. This is particularly helpful for children as it teaches them better impulse control. It also helps in improving focus and concentration. This can translate to better performance in school or hobbies. It is a particularly helpful aid for children who have attention issues as yoga teaches them to focus.

Better Memory

Breathing exercises in yoga boost the supply of oxygen to the brain and improve its health and functioning. Thus, kids who practice yoga on a regular basis exhibit better memory and learning abilities. Along with that, the improved focus also plays an important role in enhanced retention capability.

Productive Engagement

Kids are always complaining about being bored at home. As there are no fun places they can go to or friends to play with. Yoga can provide them an enriching and productive engagement that offers them a channel to release their pent-up energies while building better health, fitness and improving their learning abilities as well.

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Improved Mental Health

Even though they do not express the way adults do, children go through a lot of stress and struggle with their mental health as well. Yoga has a deeply positive impact on mental health. Breathing exercises help them handle stress and anxiety better, while several poses improve the regulation of mood-stabilizing hormones.

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Emotional Regulation

Yoga works as an excellent tool for teaching children mindfulness, control over the self, and instilling calmness. This plays a great role in helping them regulate their emotions more effectively and communicate their needs better.

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Final Words: Yoga is a great way to offer your kids the enrichment that will transform their lives, and improve their relationships with themselves as well as everything around them. It will help build their personalities and enhance physical and mental health immensely.

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