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According to a recent survey it has been seen that Yoga is the top choice of holistic practices that people are likely to take up. The reasons that bring people to Yoga are widespread. From weight loss to pain management to emotional balance to spiritual growth, there is no end to the benefits of Yoga. It is indeed the solution to almost all problems of the mind, body, and soul. However, if you are new to this discipline, here are a few dos and don’ts to help you get the best out of Yoga.

Dos for Beginners in Yoga

Yoga asanas are to be done calmly in an unhurried manner without exertions, stress, or strains. Here are some basics tips for Practicing Yoga.

Dos for Beginners in Yoga
  • Start Slow

    There are various schools of Yoga as per your pace and fitness level. However, for a beginner, it is always recommended that you start slow and build up. Experience and understanding of the basics will help you do the complex poses with more precision. This will reduce the chances of mistakes and give you a better understanding of the discipline.

  • Wear Comfortable Clothing

    Yoga does not dictate a practicing uniform and can be done wearing anything you are comfortable in. But it is recommended to wear light, well-fitting clothes, preferably in natural fabrics so that your skin can breathe. There is no need to wear extremely tight clothes, just ensure that your clothes do not have loose ends or strings that can get caught, or trip you while doing yoga.

  • Keep Distractions Away

    A major part of yoga involves your mind and body working in unison and it cannot be done if you are distracted. Keep your phones and devices switched off or at least on silent mode. If you have noisy roommates, little children, or pets, find yourself in a solitary nook, where you can be alone for your session without distractions. You need to really put your mind to it.

Don’ts for Beginners in Yoga

An important prerequisite for Yoga practice must include cleanliness of surroundings, body, and mind. A few things that you should avoid before practicing yoga.

Don'ts for Beginners in Yoga
  • Don’t Practice On Full Stomach

    Like most forms of exercise, it is not recommended to practice yoga on an empty stomach as well. A lot of poses put gentle pressure on the digestive system, boosting the release of digestive juices and improving gut health. If you do these right after a large meal you are likely to experience stomach pain and discomfort. The best time to do your yoga is the first thing in the morning after a light cup of tea.

  • Don’t Be In A Rush

    Yoga needs a calm, relaxed, and accepting mind to offer proper results. You should designate a set time every day for your yoga session so that you are not in a rush. Your anxious energy impacts the body in several ways, releases several undesired chemicals in the brain, and in turn, reducing the benefits of yoga. Moreover, when you do your yoga in a rush, it increases the risks of mistakes and even injuries greatly.

  • Don’t Do Yoga If Unwell

    Yoga stimulates the body and its functions, however, it does require some energy and effort. If you practice yoga when you are unwell, you are more likely to feel exhausted sooner. Moreover, it is wise to save this energy to fight the ailment that is bothering you, so wait till you are better before getting back to Yoga.

Starting yoga is the first step in your journey towards better health, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. With a little effort, yoga will transform you!

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