How To Control Your Impulses?

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Impulse control disorder means the inability to resist impulsivity. Nowadays, it is a common issue in adults and children. A person with impulse control disorder can’t stop him or her from doing something. Such activities may hurt that person or people around him or her. It is a severe issue that affects the person’s life with this disorder. In this article, we will discuss some ways to control impulses.

When a person with an impulse control disorder feels the urge to commit some particular activity, anxiety rises inside that person. After performing such an action, the person feels relief or satisfaction and happiness. The person with impulse control disorder can’t even understand that his/her activities can be dangerous, or the consequences of that activity can harm others. Before discussing further, you must know the symptoms of this issue.

Symptoms Of Impulse Control Disorder

Impulse control issues vary according to different persons. Whether it be a child or an adult, they can’t control their impulse at all with such an issue. Some common symptoms include

  • Lying
  • Destroying property
  • Kleptomania or stealing
  • Displaying extreme anger
  • Sudden outbursts both verbally and physically
  • Harming animals and other people
  • Overeating or compulsive eating
  • Trichotillomania or pulling own hair, lashes, or brows
  • Compulsive shopping
  • Uncontrolled gambling
  • Pyromania or intentionally setting fires
  • Internet addiction

In children, the symptoms may be different. They usually face more problems in school. Children face the issue both academically and socially. But there is nothing to worry about. These issues can be controlled by following such tips.

Tips To Control Your Impulses

Let’s know the useful tips to control impulses that will make our life much better.

1. Count 1 To 10 A Lot of Times

This trick is very useful to control impulses. If you delay the action on your impulse, you can hopefully overcome your impulses. If you slowly count from 1 to 10, it will help you to relax your mind gradually. You also can count 1 to 100 if you need more time to calm your mind.

2. Engage Yourself In Calming Activities

Sometimes impulse control disorder may happen due to overstress. So, relaxing can help you to control your impulse. Hence, you can engage yourself in calming activities to relax your mind. You can listen to calming music that will calm your mind. Also, practice deep breathing techniques throughout the day. People with impulse control disorder can also do meditation for relaxation of the mind.

3. Always Be Mindful

To fight impulse control disorder, you must be attentive to your feelings, desires, and impulses. Try not to be judgemental and be mindful. It will be very helpful in controlling your impulse. Also keep in mind that as you have an impulse, it is not mandatory to act according to it.

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Final Words

The impulse control issue is a very complex issue that is quite difficult to manage. However, if you will get guidance from an experienced doctor, you must get over this problem. Besides, our tips will surely be helpful for you to deal with impulse control disorder. As it takes time to keep your mind stable, don’t lose hope and be patient. Last but not least, live a stable life and try to think positively about everything. It will put a positive impact on your mind. So, prepare yourself mentally and follow the tips to live a better life.

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